Spring Water Service To Water Damage Restoration

Pocahontas Spring Water was started in the year 1901 by Captain John Smith. The Smith Family ran Pocahontas Spring Water from 1901-1963.

In 1963 the LeColst family from Middleton purchased Pocahontas Spring Water.

We bottle the water from the same natural spring that was discovered in 1901 by the Smith family.

Most of the larger spring water companies are owned by foreign companies. Some are also imported from foreign countries.

We are still one of the only brand name companies that is American owned and a family run business.

That is why when people shop prices they will find that we are the lowest price. We don’t have fancy advertising expenses, so we pass the savings on to the customer.

Our water is tested on a weekly basis, and meets all the standards. Even the highest standard of them all. Our standard.

We pride ourself on having 100% pure All-Natural spring water, with absolutely no additives.

We are always having unadvertised specials for both home and office delivery as well as the self service station.

For your convenience we also offer a self serve station right at the source.

Bring your own containers, any and all sizes, and fill ’em up for only 25 cents per gallon.

Be prepared and have plenty of pure spring water on hand at home, for exercising, for the beach, or for the entire team.


Sadly all this changed In 2012

as reported in the Patch News

“At the end of the week, what may be the longest-running business in Lynnfield is set to close its doors.

This week, Don LeColst of announced to customers that he was shutting down the self-service water fill-up facility that his family has run since 1961. The site has existed as a spring water business since 1901. LeColst reports that while the Pocahontas site, complete with the on-site spring protected under a brick structure, will close, he will remain in the water delivery business and will find another spring water source to work with. The land on which the business sits is actually leased. Two of LeColst’s brothers also work in the spring water industry.

LeColst says he is closing Pocahontas down because he cannot afford the upgrades required to bring the business into compliance with town regulations – primarily installing a septic system on the property and making other facility upgrades that he estimates could cost more than $200,000.

At age 61 and after two strokes and some previous investments in upgrading the business, LeColst says it’s “got to the point where there’s no money left.” He added that the business has already let go two part-time workers, retirees who did three-hour shifts for several days a week, and he notes that ironically, he only upgraded the Pocahontas website last month. The latest entry on the company’s Facebook page was on March 16, reporting that “our new and improved website is up and running.”

At town hall, Board of Health Director Kristin Esposito McRae told Lynnfield Patch on Tuesday that the board has not taken out an actual enforcement action against Pocahontas in moving to require a septic system on the property. A portable toilet reportedly covers the spring water company’s needs at this time.

“We’ve been just asking for some plan to return to compliance,” said Esposito, adding that the permit for Pocahontas expires on June 30, and that the board of health had initially been hoping for a plan from LeColst by March 1. She reported that on Tuesday morning, LeColst’s attorney informed her the business would voluntarily close at the end of this month.

Esposito also cited a town by-law that prohibits allowing sewage, sink drainage and other similar materials to empty onto the surface of the ground. Like many bottling companies, Pocahontas uses caustic soda to clean its bottles, but that liquid apparently runs out of the rear of the building into the wetlands. An inspection by Marty Katz in Lynnfield in early December found that the “complete plumbing system is in violation of Mass. General Law,” including the lack of a restroom and the sink draining into the wetlands. Before closing, the company’s position was that as an entity that existed long before the town board of health, it was grandfathered from having to meet these requirements.

LeColst believes that the town is losing a historical resource in the form of what may be its oldest business. A check with the Lynnfield Historical Commission finds few records of whether the spring was used by locals before it became a commercial enterprise over a century ago.

“They should be grateful to any business that has been around as many years as I have,” said LeColst. “They should be grateful for the tax revenue.”

He also maintains that the land surrounding the Pocahontas spring is mostly wetland, which would require a more expensive pump-up system for the septic installation. Inside, for example, he says that the town wants him to replace his current ceiling tiles with Marlite panels that cost $22 each. Recent health issues have also complicated his effort to bring the business into compliance, he reported.

“This is a hard town to do business in, they want everything modernized,” said LeColst, “I’m just tired of the aggravation.”

Along with the self-service water fill-up, the 1-acre property has a small office, a couple of delivery trucks, and a small building that is used mostly for filling and cleaning the plastic jugs. A stream runs out from the spring, which cannot be seen at all in the protective building, and meanders down toward the Sagamore Spring Golf Course.

LeColst said that the board of health wanted a plan from him by June 1 for the septic and building update plan, but instead, he is focusing increasingly on his own health and sees little alternative to shutting down. With that in mind, he also recently decided not to carry out a specific required annual state water test (the spring is also tested for bacteria each week) because it would have only cost another $10,000 while bringing him no closer to resolving his matter with the town. Esposito said that the town board of health had been awaiting this test result as well from Pocahontas before the company’s closure was announced.

coolerAs of Monday morning, he reported that he had probably told about 125 friends and customers of the decision, and that many were “very upset” to hear the news.

That morning, a steady stream of customers drove into the parking lot and filled up as much as 30 gallons of spring water at a time. Many of them have been customers for years and were dismayed to learn that this was the final week in  business for Pocahontas. “This is the best water you can get,” said John Luongo, who was there with his wife Angela. The two have been driving regularly from Arlington since 2009 to fill up on Pocahontas Spring Water.

“My father always told me, good things come to an end,” said LeColst.”

Let us share some water damage repair tips with you

Not all Orlando water damage repair corporations have the experience and the comprehend how to have actually the profession completed appropriate. Typically stand for firms that make use of a trained staff which know how to do an appropriate flood surface off, water damage repair work, sewage and/or water reduction, mold elimination or whatever the work requires. Constantly request for referrals, there’s absolutely nothing better in which other individual’s genuine life encounter with an organization.

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Water damage repair works can resolve a number of risks. There are a number of type of damage triggered by water. The first level is because of clear water. It might be damaged pipes or water areas. The 2nd level is triggered by gray water that could be filled with impurities. It might be sewage water, or failure of water reliant gadgets to release the water out. There is damage caused by black water that could be triggered by catastrophic events and could be tough to take care of.

Water-related damage has actually always been a big issue for lots of property owners and to resolve both severe and moderate problems, getting the assistance from restoration services can be important to:

– discover the extent of the risk utilizing state of the art equipment
– make the room/home habitable again
– safeguard your family from microorganisms that exist in stagnant, unclean water
– protect the items such as furnishings or electronic devices from dangers
– Keep interiors and exteriors in leading shape after the damage.

Damages sustained from water can be devastating. It is crucial to do something about it fast and effectively. With huge or minor scale damage, it would be best to obtain suggestions from professional doing water damage repair services to ensure a house that is dry and safe from future risks that might happen. Investing on quality restoration service is then essential for any house owner as it will ensure that their houses are protected at all times.

In case your house is harmed by water, you need to then take instant steps to start the water damage repair work process right away as any hold-up will only make matters worse. As a matter of truth, it is also a great idea to take self assistance preventive procedures that can assist in minimizing further damage. And, you need to resolve the concern of making sure safety of every person in the home including yourself.

What is most vital to remember is most typically repairing water damage is not something you can do by yourself. Usually, to ensure a full repair service and damage remediation a specialist is had to assist. Water damage repair service business have the accreditation, devices, and experience making sure all the elements of the damage are attended to.

Sounds Crazy But, Water Can Damage Your Pool… Pavers

When the weather is warm, we spend a lot of time poolside or in our backyards. Poolside places make perfect areas for hosting outdoor celebrations. Whether it’s hosting parties or to spend quality time with our buddies and family members, you can turn your backyard into a sanctuary. Pavers can create the appearance and feel you seek if you are looking to create or upgrade an outdoor area such as your swimming pool deck or patio.

Pool Paver Guide

In other words, a swimming pool paver is type of floor or ground covering for outdoor use. Around the swimming pool, locating pavers together creates a patio area or deck. Making use of pavers together is comparable to installing a floor in your home, however pavers hold up to the outside components. Pavers included a natural sealant or you can put a sealant to keep the pavers from being slippery. Because the pavers surround the pool, water can make the pavers damp, however the sealant keeps it from being a safety hazard.

While the focus here is pool pavers in Cape Coral Fl, pavers really have various uses. Beyond developing a swimming pool patio area or deck, pavers are also the material for producing walkways and driveways. A paver is a design product that provides these outside locations a completed look. Whether it’s in the front yard, yard or on the side of your home, you can make use of pavers to produce these various areas outside of your house.

Patios Are Best Covered

When you choose an interior floor covering, you have various material options. The exact same is true for selecting swimming pool or outside location pavers. Swimming pool decks and patios, and sidewalks utilize pavers made of stone, brick or concrete. These are the three most typical types of products for pavers. The paver product you pick can affect the design you can produce. Since concrete and brick pavers are manmade, you can find these pavers in different sizes and shapes. Stone pavers, on the other hand, are natural so it restricts the options to more traditional shapes.

Patios Are Best Covered

Sav Awn Patio Covers brings over Three Decades of Patio Covers to the area and patio covers can help to protect the pavers. The summer and warmer months of the year means investing more time outdoors in our yards and around the swimming pool. Whether you are designing or updating your swimming pool or backyard areas, think about pavers. Cover swimming pool decks, patios and pathways with pavers to develop a more secure location for your good friends and household to spend time around the swimming pool, and add the completing touch to your outside design and design.